Recent Assignments/Experience

Leadership Development: Designed and conducted a 360-degree assessment of the leadership skills of  the CEO at a fast-growing Internet marketing firm, and made recommendations for changes in management practices that were subsequently implemented

Organization Development: Assessed the impact of a shift in marketing strategy on the corporate culture and human resources policies of a financial services firm, resulting in changes in management practices and policies; designed training to reinforce the desired culture

Management Development: Redesigned recruitment and selection processes, created a hiring procedures manual, and developed and conducted training in behavioral interviewing for partners and managers in a public accounting firm, resulting in improved hiring decisions and efficiency

Performance Management: Designed a performance management system for a public housing authority to link individual and organization goals and foster a high-performance culture; developed and delivered training to support system implementation; an audit conducted one year later revealed improved clarity in goal-setting, more frequent coaching and feedback, and higher productivity.

Customer Service: Evaluated internal “customer satisfaction” with an operating division in an educational institution, and developed a model for refining customer requirements and improving service; designed and delivered training in customer service for managers/supervisors and employees

Human Resources Management: Developed a managers’ policy guide for a major regional trucking company with 6,000 employees in eight states, resulting in uniform human resources policies and practices and clearer management accountabilities

Management Development: Conducted a needs assessment and designed, developed and delivered training to the management team in a recreation and entertainment complex, resulting in improved productivity, communication and motivation; made additional recommendations for enhancing compensation and reward policies and practices that were accepted and acted upon by executive management. Facilitated creation of corporate values.

Nonprofit Board Development: Designed and facilitated a series of board development workshops for the directors of a newly launched rural economic development organization, enabling them to proceed with implementation of a strategic plan.